According to a new study by USC computer scientists, to help robots succeed, you may need to show some harsh love. In computer-simulated manipulation tasks, the researchers found that training a robot with a human opponent can greatly improve its grip on objects.



Today I will introduce to you a SLAM algorithm published on IROS in 18 years.



How can robots continue to promote innovation? One of the solutions is to create robots and platforms to intelligently adapt to their collected data, deployment environment, and implementation process. Through each step of the learning method, the robot should be able to autonomously evolve its own functions and algorithms, and may even develop faster and be



Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed new artificial intelligence software that enables robots to quickly and skillfully grasp and move objects smoothly, allowing them to help people in warehouse environments in the near future.



Every gardener knows how difficult it is to judge when to water plants. If you multiply this by tens or hundreds of acres, it is easy to understand the challenges that growers face in maintaining crop health and managing water resources efficiently and intelligently.



When discussing the future of robotics and artificial intelligence, the conversation usually revolves around the anxiety of substitutes. Will robots eventually make many manual tasks and responsibilities redundant? However, some other people who are more optimistic about the future of robot integration work believe that the potential for collaboration betwee



Since robots and toys have many common features, they can be a valuable tool for teaching children in an interactive and innovative way. In recent years, some robotics experts and computer scientists have been studying how to introduce robotic systems in classrooms and preschool environments.



A Ford factory in Michigan has been eliminated. In this case, quadruped robots, they are expected to bring a new era of computer-aided design and economic efficiency to automakers. These two dogs (FluffyandSpot) are manufactured by Boston Dynamics, which specializes in complex robot structures



Computer scientists at Johns Hopkins University used a training technique commonly used to teach dogs to squat and sit on the robot, showing how to teach themselves several new techniques, including stacking cubes. In this way, the robot can learn the technology that usually takes a month in a few days.



When venturing north during the colder months, the weather and terrain can be very dangerous. However, research and exploration are constantly responding to the challenges of the harsh climatic conditions in the north. A dedicated team from the Northern Robotics Laboratory (Norlab) of the University of Laval, Quebec, is pushing robotic navigation to the abso


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