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Doosan cooperative manipulator H series


Doosan H series is a cooperative mechanical arm that best reflects the technical strength of Doosan Group of South Korea. H series is the acronym of the English word "High". The theme of this series is to adhere to the highest configuration of high load cooperative manipulator, and has leading technical advantages in similar products. The H series is the highest payload manipulator among the existing cooperative manipulators, with a load of 25kg. High performance 6-axis torque sensor enables precise operation, the top horizontal collision sensitivity of 0.2N provides the highest safety, and the gravity supplement mechanism reduces the weight of hardware and the amount of impact, thus further improving the safety of the robot. PL e and Cat 4 are certified as the highest international safety level, with a working radius of 1700mm and a weight of only 1/2 of the same 6-axis multi joint mechanical arm. They are suitable for combination with AGV and AMR. It is mainly used in automobile, electronics, hardware/processing, food and beverage, and scientific research scenes.


H+High load cooperation arm
Up to 25kg, with arm span up to 1.7m
Six torque sensors are built in to realize the most sensitive collision detection function in the mechanical arm ring and ensure the safety of personnel. Safety Zone can be set for safety control such as deceleration in human-computer cooperation area. Gravity compensation can be used to reduce self weight, impulse, motor power and load
H+Working radius
Up to 1.7m working radius, suitable for various working environments, giving full play to efficiency in multiple processes or long-distance stacking
H+force control sensor performance
The sensor accuracy can reach 0.2N, and the force control range can reach 65Nm
H+ simpler
The machine body is equipped with multi-function buttons, and you can use ROS to set the functions of each button, so you can drag and teach without any burden, and you can easily get started
The deadweight is reduced to half of the opponent's, and AGV and AMR peripheral devices can be flexibly configured, with power consumption 3 times lower. The weight is twice lower than that of the opponent and the working radius of 1700mm is combined to improve the working flexibility

Technical index

Technical parameters



Working radius


Tool speed


End force control range


OLP software

DART Studio offline programming software

Dead weight/dead weight of control cabinet


Safety level/safety certificate


安全等级:STO,EMG:PLe Cat.4,SIL3,(A+)

Other functions:PLd Cat.3,SIL2。

安全证书:ISO 13849-1,ISO10218-1,UL1740(A+)



Repeated positioning accuracy of mechanical arm


Joint velocity

[100 80 100 180 18180 ]°/s

Flange interface

Digital in 6,out 6

Force sensor FTS

6-joint force sensor, force control accuracy 0.02N


Modbus-TCP (Master/Slave), Modbus-RTU (Master), EtherNet, IP (Adapter), PROFINET (IO-Device),

FANUC - FOCAS (NC Interface)



I/O power

DC 24V/Max.3A

Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

Cooperative arm movable base

The movable base of the cooperative arm integrates the robot, controller and teaching device, so that various devices such as installable trays and laser scanners can be moved and moved flexibly. Different storage spaces facilitate the storage and use of tools.

Intelligent vision module

When in use, it is installed at the end of the robot to achieve the best compatibility with Doosan mechanical arm in various processes such as part detection, identification, position correction, etc. The installation is simple and convenient. By providing special SW, you can set the process with simple operation, bringing convenience to the operation

Mechanical arm strap

The strapping can organize the cables connecting the end tools of the robot for efficient operation. Integrated pipe rack and support are easy to arrange, connect/separate with robot, and move

Mechanical arm sheath

The robot sheath can prevent the robot from being polluted due to the use of liquid during operations such as cutter support. PU coating has double-layer waterproof function, which can ensure that Doosan robot can keep the best running state

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