Let Jingtian robot help your scientific and educational cause.

We represent the best robot development platform in the world, and it has never been easier to develop autonomous robots.

Are you ready for the era of intelligent robots?

We are the inheritors and inheritors of the ROS system. Assist university science and education users to develop innovative technologies that have a positive impact on the world

Jingtian Robot has accumulated service1392 Users of colleges and universities。
Focus on serving university users, and have rich experience in mobile grasp fusion robot integration and experimental course construction.


AI/Intelligent Robot Laboratory Construction

Wuhan University

Engineering Training Center Robot Competition

Nankai University

Robot control/Robot navigation/SLAM

Zhejiang University

AI/Artificial intelligence robot

Northeastern University

Artificial intelligence robot

Hubei University of Technology

Artificial intelligence robot

Hunan University

AI/Artificial intelligence robot

Sun Yat-sen University

Mobile crawling/Map building

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Technical Support

ROS Training

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