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Mobile single-arm communicative robot


By optimizing the arrangement and system integration of the Clearpath Husky UGV and DA0509 manipulators, a more intelligent and versatile robot flexible task solution is realized, such as: hazardous materials EOD, cargo handling, product sorting, and replacement of humans to survey dangerous locations It can also be used for teaching and research, including Human Robot Interaction, Robot Learning, Compliant Manipulation, Remote Operation, Whole-body Control, Robot Grasping (Robotic Grasping) and multi-modal collaborative assembly (Multi-Modal Collaborative Assembly), etc.


Easy to use
The Xuanwu series of mobile grabbing platforms use Husky to integrate with UR5, and the whole is based on open source robots to operate ROS. It also provides a wealth of ROS function packages, and establishes and constantly updates basic knowledge in the thriving ROS community, so that you can start research faster. Xuanwu uses an open source serial protocol, and we provide API support based on C++ and Python in ROS.
All terrain easy planning
Xuanwu has an elegant and concise design, which has almost no effect on the working space of the robotic arm. The whole is made of durable materials. The high-performance, maintenance-free power transmission system and large custom tires enable it to cope with various challenging terrains.
Trusted platform
Xuanwu can be easily applied to a wide range of fields such as industrial scenes, dangerous scenes, agricultural scenes and medical treatment. Xuanwu is trusted by hundreds of researchers and engineers around the world for its excellent performance. In the research using the Xuanwu platform, a large number of research papers have been published, providing a reliable reference for the establishment of new robot research and development work.
Precision control
The Husky car has a very high-resolution encoder that provides improved state estimation and calculation functions. Provide a user-adjustable controller, which can provide an incredibly smooth motion curve even when running at a very low speed (<1cm/s), and has excellent anti-interference performance. The UR5 robotic arm can achieve a repeat positioning accuracy of 0.03mm, and the maximum TCP speed can reach 3m/s.
Customizable accessories
Our team of mobile robot experts can help you select and integrate various sensors, and successfully configure them to the robot. A variety of ROS compatible plug-and-play sensor accessories, our system integrator will provide fully integrated robots.

Technical index

Technical parameters


Max 75KG

Continuous working hours

4-8h (Depends on the use environment)

Robotic arm load

5 kg

Repeated positioning accuracy of robotic arm

±0.03 mm

Lithium battery capacity

DC24V 20AH

Maximum moving speed

1.0 m/s

Maximum TCP speed of robotic arm

3 m/s

Robotic arm working range

850 mm

Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

Robotiq Three finger gripper

Robotiq Three finger gripper

Intel D435Depth camera

Intel D435Depth camera

Beidou ROS Development Board

Beidou ROS Development Board

VLP16 line lidar

VLP16 line lidar





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