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Unitree H1


H1 Res is an open-source research robot in the H1 humanoid robot series. The H1 humanoid robot is designed with lightweight materials, with an overall weight of only 47kg. It has more than 50 degrees of freedom and a light and stable walking posture. The H1 Res leg joint motor, which stands out, has a peak torque of 360N · m. It is equipped with a hollow axis and dual encoders to fully benchmark against the Tesla Optimus humanoid robot. The M107 joint motor with higher torque density, specially developed for H1-Res humanoid robots. Applied to the two knee joints of the H1 Res humanoid robot, the peak torque reaches 360N · m, while the hip joint motor torque is 220N · m, the ankle joint torque is 45N · m, and the arm joint torque is 75N · m. At present, the core components of the H1 joint unit, including servo motors, reducers, and controllers, are all self-developed and produced domestically.


High power, High-density, High load joint motors
H1 has over 50 degrees of freedom throughout the body. Using a higher torque density M107 joint motor, the peak torque reaches 360N · m, while the hip joint motor torque is 220N · m, ankle joint torque is 45N · m, and arm joint torque is 75N · m.
High Stability
The walking and balance of the H1 humanoid robot are completed through autonomous calculation without human intervention. Even after being subjected to violent impact, it can quickly adjust its posture and maintain body balance.
Low energy consumption
In terms of endurance, the H1 humanoid robot is equipped with a 15Ah battery with a maximum voltage of 67.2V, which can meet the standard of continuous sports endurance for one hour
Lightweight, capable of walking and running
The overall weight of the H1 humanoid robot is only 47kg, with a light and stable walking posture. The walking speed can reach 1.5m/s, and the potential movement ability can reach 5m/s.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Key Dimensions

(1520+285)mm × 570mm × 220mm

Total Arm Length


Ultimate Torque of Joint Unit

Knee Torque About 360N.m,Hip Joint Torque About 220N.m,Ankle Torque About 45N.m,Arm Joint Torque About 75N.m


Battery capacity 15Ah(0.864KWh),Max Voltage 67.2V

Sensor Configuration

3D LIDAR + Depth Camera

DOF of Each Arm


Thigh and Calf Length


DOF of Each Leg

5(Hip×3 + Knee×1 + Ankle×1)

Total Weight

About 47 Kg


Moving speed of 3.3m/s(world record), Potential mobility > 5m/s

Control and Perception Computing Power

Standard configuration: Intel Core i5(Platform Function) ,Intel Core i7(User Development)

Optional Configuration: Intel Core i7 or Jetson Orin NX

Dexterous Hand

Optional(in development)

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