We are happy to announce that we have created three new simulation environments for the Gazebo 3D robot simulator. Each world is equipped with a set of prefabricated terrain, including buildings and fences, allowing users to program and test Jackal UGV, Husky UGV, Warthog UGV or Ridgeback.



How is the apple picking robot project realized?



Can imitating robots quickly replace humans in some repetitive and manual tasks in the gardening field?



Although we have seen that deep neural networks have been successfully applied to reinforcement learning (RL) in areas such as robotics, poker, board games, and team-based video games, the main obstacle to making these methods solve practical problems is the difficulty of collecting online data on a large scale. . Online data collection is not only time-cons



Reproducing the diverse and agile motor skills of animals has always been a long-term challenge in robotics. Although manually designed controllers have been able to simulate many complex behaviors, building such a controller involves a time-consuming and difficult development process, and usually requires a lot of expertise in the nuances of each skill. Rei



Guy Zaidner and Dr. Mitch Pryor are researchers at the University of Texas at Austin. They developed Vaultbot, a Husky-based dual-arm mobile robot designed to improve the situation in the remote operation of dual-arm mobile robots in dangerous and uncertain environments Perception ability.



The ability to learn by observing others is one of the most important indicators of intelligence. Humans are particularly good at this and can usually learn tasks by observing other people. Because we are not just copying actions taken by others. Instead, we first imagine how we should perform the task.



When you start thinking about implementing a robotic system, you may come up with some exciting ideas. Maybe you know exactly the problem you want to solve, or you already have a clear understanding of the platform you want to build. You naturally want to make it a reality by contacting the robot supplier and put your ideas into practice immediately.



If I want you to spread me a picnic blanket on the grass, can you? certainly. If I asked you to bring a cart full of food to the party, would you push the cart along the paved path or on the grass? Obviously it paved the way.



The editor recently learned that Clearpath of Canada is cooperating with Microsoft and intends to apply the ROS robot operating system to win10. At the beginning of this month, I saw the relevant trailer video released by Clearpath on the tubing, and I was very excited. This is a good news for Windows robot users, a leapfrog development of the ROS robot oper


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