Shanghai University of Science and Technology [Collect high-resolution data sets
Customer name:Shanghai University of Science and Technology
Application type:Map building, positioning and navigation (SLAM)
Project time:September 2020
Application product:Xuanwu 2 integrated with self-made sensors
Application type:Algorithm testing and application
Project Overview:The purpose of the project based on Xuanwu 2 is to generate understandable high-resolution data sets for the SLAM community through advanced mapping robots (with "never seen before" sensor suites in mobile robots). The main challenge of the project is to develop a reliable mapping robot and corresponding software system for data recording. The real focus of the team is the testing and application of their algorithms. They don't want to spend precious time building a new mobile platform from scratch, so they choose to use the pre-built Xuanwu 2 that can be used immediately. What makes Xuanwu 2 stand out is its robustness and reliability, high speed, high mobility, and easy access to documents.
Project results: The project achieved great success and released three data sets. The project is a collaboration between the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST), the Shanghai Science and Technology Automation and Robotics Center (STAR Center), and the Mobi

Donghu Robot Laboratory, 2nd Floor, Baogu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center,Wuhan City,Hubei Province,China

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