University of Porto【Promoting intelligent precision agriculture in vineyards】
Customer name:University of Porto (Portugal)
Application type:Map building, positioning and navigation (SLAM)
Project time:December 2015
Application product:Xuanwu No. 5 and self-developed sensor
Application type:Agricultural scene
Project Overview:The AgRobIT project proposes a simplified architecture based on a ROS stack solution, which consists of three main ROS software packages: localization and mapping, path planning and control, and task manager. The robot can work in steep vineyards to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce agricultural damage to the environment.
Project results: At the ROS level, they developed a driver node to subscribe to joint position targets and publish each joint state. Most importantly, they also added their own joint controller and path planner ROS node, which has been benchmarked against other MoveIt sol

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