University of Toronto【Space and Ground Autonomous Robot System】(STARS)
Customer name:University of Toronto Institute of Aeronautics
Application type:Human-machine collaboration and interaction
Project time:October 2018
Application product:Xuanwu 10
Application type:Machine learning
Project Overview:Through their research, the team successfully established their imitation learning framework (that is, actively working to replicate the process based on collected data) that has been applied to humans who use off-the-shelf VR controllers to remotely operate robots. This provides a variety of possibilities for different applications and methods to challenge the current mobile manipulators and robot teleoperations.
Project results: Recently, they published their research results at the IEEE/RSL International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), showing that their model-based predictive model can be used in conjunction with Kalman filters to improve the performance of

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