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On March 21, 2024, the Yushu Huazhong Operations Center, jointly organized by Jingtian Robotics and Yushu Technology, was officially put into operation. The Yushu Huazhong Operations Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Baogu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center building at China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).


In April 2024, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Wuhan University respectively signed agreements with Jingtian Robotics to purchase H1 ReS bipedal humanoid robots.

On May 29, 2024, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of Yushu Technology H1 bipedal humanoid robot H1 in Hubei Province, jointly organized by Jingtian Robotics and Yushu Technology, was successfully held in the Yushu Technology Building in Hangzhou. 15 representatives from Wuhan University and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), including Chang Ruichun, the person in charge of Yushu Technology's Central China region, Cui Yunguo, the pre-sales and after-sales technical director of Yushu Technology, Cheng Bing, the person in charge of Jingtian Robot's Central China office, Wang Xiaoyang, the sales manager, Jiang Xinyan, the person in charge of Jingtian Robot's Hangzhou office, Wu Jianhao, the sales manager, Xie Weineng, the Jingtian technical engineer, Li Xinfei, and teachers and students, attended this delivery ceremony.


Wang Xingxing, founder of Yushu Technology, stated that,

Before the emergence of ChatGPT, people also believed that AI was not intelligent enough and could not do anything, which is somewhat similar to the current state of humanoid robots. Many people believed that humanoid robots had limited functionality and were expensive. But in reality, humanoid robots only need a little fire to ignite, which is the breakthrough point of AI technology in large-scale robot models. Of course, the progress of AI technology in large-scale robot models and the deployment of humanoid robots in the industry will take some time. If it is fast, there will be significant progress in 3 to 5 years, and if it is slow, it will not exceed 10 years. "Ten years from now, it should have been a complete upheaval," he emphasized.

  JINGTIAN   H1-ReS bipedal humanoid robot technology training

The delivery ceremony was delivered by Chang Ruichun, the regional leader of Yushu Technology in Central China. He only represents Yushu Technology in thanking the trust and support of the scientific research users present here. Subsequently, Cui Yunguo, the after-sales technical director of Yushu Technology, released the H1 SDK development guide and provided targeted technical training.



Balance is a technical challenge in the development of humanoid robots. Compared to quadruped robots, bipedal humanoid robots have a higher center of gravity and fewer support points. Only by controlling balance can they stand steadily and maintain quality.

This H1 ReS humanoid robot has been highly anticipated since its video was released online in August 2023. It is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, and its walking and balance are completed through autonomous calculation. Even when subjected to strong external forces, it can quickly adjust its posture and maintain body balance.


After the technical training, teachers and students gathered around the H1-ReS humanoid robot to freely communicate with technical engineers. Led by colleagues from Yushu Technology, we visited the exhibition room opened to the public by Yushu Technology and took a group photo, marking the perfect conclusion to this event.


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